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Sex Butter

Sex Butter


  • 100% Organic Intimate Lubricant
  • Made from completely natural ingredients and is wonderfully moisturising 
  • Soothes Sexual Pain and is great with sex toys or sexual partners
  • Smells delicious - like dark mint chocolate and is silky and creamy feeling
  • Has the texture of freshly churned butter and gives a wonderful sensation after application
  • Puts you 'in the mood' within minutes of application
  • Goes a long way, 20-40 gifts of pleasure in one jar
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Our Vegan Sex Butter - the only sexual lubricantnt you’ll ever want and need!

How Sex Butter can work for you...

Sex Butter allows women and men to feel intense pleasure, easily and effortlessly. The special , silky smooth blend of 100% pure natural oils helps to lubricate delicate tissue and intimate sensitive areas, create heightened sensation during foreplay, masturbation and intercourse and smells heavenly too – like dark mint chocolate. Mmmmm! Caution  - the temptation to taste your partner my become overwhelming!!

After applying Sex Butter, it takes a few moments to feel the sensation begin and may last up to an hour. This product may be reapplied at anytime during play or intercourse. The butter is formulated not only to be fun, but also to be very moisturizing to the skin.

Sex Butter is made from the finest 100% vegan and organic ingredients - pure and natural, safe, and free of synthetics, hormones and parabens. Sex Butter maintains a healthy ph balance so you will not suffer from yeast or urinary infections after using it. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and all of the ingredients are healthy for the skin and tissue.

We gave Sex Butter to a wide range of women from ages 25-70, in varying situations and states of health and this is some of the feedback we got, during and after testing:

  • Heightened sensation overall during foreplay and intercourse
  • Gorgeous, luxurious creamy texture
  • Increased number of orgasms and more intense orgasms - with internal and external stimulation
  • Increased overall moisture where applied
  • Freedom from painful sex and giving greater endurance
  • Overall feeling of satisfaction from the whole experience
  • Wonderful smell, inspiring you to 'get in the mood'

Some of our testers included women going through peri-menopause, in menopause, taking all kinds of medication, post hysterectomy, Cancer patients in remission and Cancer patients taking chemotherapy. Most of the women who tested Sex Butter have found it extremely effective at moisturizing delicate areas, boosting the sexual appetite, and enhancing arousal, sensation and fulfilment. Sex Butter is unlike many other lubricants as it does not contain any non-natural products that can harm your body’s delicate ph balance.

Men love Sex Butter too! It provides great moisture and wonderful sensation during foreplay, masturbation and intercourse with a gorgeous mint chocolate aroma.

One container is good for 20 - 40 uses.

Our all natural ingredients:

Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, Peppermint oil and a Proprietary Blend of essential oils.

Scoop a little butter onto your fingertips and allow it to melt a little with your natural body temperature, before gently applying to the desired area (a little goes a long way)

After applying Sex Butter, it takes a minute or so to feel the sensation begin and it may last for up to an hour. This product may be reapplied at anytime during play or intercourse for further moisturization or sensation.

Apply and enjoy!





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