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Sterling Silver Ben Wa Pleasure Balls

Sterling Silver Ben Wa Pleasure Balls


  • A pair of smooth, polished Pleasure Balls made from Solid Hallmarked Sterling Silver
  • Hypoallergenic, body safe and fully tested to British Hallmarking Standards (Nickel free)
  • Designed for sexual excitement, enhancement and to tone your pelvic floor muscles
  • The ultimate personal luxurious gift for you or your loved one
  • Made in Great Britain by Crowned Jewels Limited
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Solid Sterling Silver Ben Wa Pleasure Balls by Crowned Jewels are smooth, sensual, hand-made and have been created for your pleasure, enhancement and excitement. They are a modern high tech approach in the ancient sexual practice of vaginal pelvic floor toning, thereby enhancing the intensity of your orgasms and to allow for more control over sensation and can also be used during sex for extra sensation for both partners (as described in several famous books).
The highly polished, beautifully weighted balls are made to be worn internally and as you flex your pelvic muscles to keep them in, you are giving yourself an internal workout, proven to lead to more control over pleasure, a tighter vagina and even reducing bladder weakness. Important as your muscle tone naturally weakens over time and especially after childbirth.
Polished metal balls are one of the hardest kegel products to hold inside your body and so give one of the hardest workouts for your muscles and ours are solid, non-porous and totally body-safe with no nasty seams, holes or platings to irritate, react or harbour bacteria - in fact, Silver is naturally anti-bacterial and so one of the best materials you can make intimate products from.
Due to the weight and highly polished, smooth surface of the balls, they will naturally emerge after you have finished your workout and relax your muscles, avoiding the need for unsightly and distracting strings or removal tabs.
Use regularly to restore and improve your sexual health and increase your fulfilment during lovemaking. Also use to strengthen and regain control of your bladder, boosting your confidence in both private and social situations.
Please practice with your balls at home to build your muscle tone and confidence before wearing them during any social situations to avoid an 'oops!' moment! A gentle warning - when they leave your body, they will be your internal body temperature, so watch out ladies, they come out hot!
Always thoroughly wash and rinse your balls after use, using a toy cleaner or mild soap and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives on your balls so they keep their slick, shiny and sensual smoothness.
Please note: Silver against Silver will scratch, so to avoid this, use one at a time.
If you are allergic to silver, please do not use them.
These balls are for Vaginal Use Only - NEVER insert into the rectum.
At Crowned Jewels we are passionate about making beautiful, pleasurable and completely body safe toys. We only manufacture toys to the highest standards from high quality materials and your Sterling Silver Balls are individually hallmarked to guarantee they meet that high standard.
These balls are handmade to order and take approximately 3/4 weeks to make.
Setting the standard for metal toys.
Each ball is approximately 25mm/ 1 inch in diameter
They come with their own storage pouch

               How to Use Your Crowned Jewels Silver Ben Wa Pleasure Balls

Please consult your Physician before using any Kegel products to check for weaknesses or prolapse

  • Step 1:  Visit the bathroom and empty your bladder before inserting your Sterling Silver Pleasure Balls into your vagina.
  • Step 2: If you need help for your Ben WaBalls to glide in, put a little lubrication on them. Inserting them is similar to inserting vaginal tampons. You can lift one leg up, making sure you are properly supported, or insert them while lying down. Please insert your Balls one at a time.
  • Step 3: To hold your Ben Wa Balls in the vagina, squeeze first the inner thigh muscles of your leg and then your PC muscles. Pulling 'in' and 'up' your internal muscles below your stomach muscles. You should get a feeling of fullness and something pushing down in your vagina. Eventually, like tampons, you will get used to the feeling.
  • Step 4: The Ben Wa Balls should be held inside your vagina for at least 15 minutes in a day so that your PC muscles are strengthened. You can then increase your time as suits your needs and abilities.
  • Step 5: If your Ben Wa Balls come out during use, they should be washed using soap and water and rinsed thoroughly before being inserted back in.
  • Step 6: You can remove the Ben Wa Balls in several ways such as jumping up and down, coughing of simply sitting and squeezing them out.
  • Step 7: Please make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your Ben Wa Balls thoroughly before and after use.
  • N.B: Your Pleasure Balls are for Vaginal use only and should never be inserted into the rectum
  • If using the balls during intercourse, bear in mind that they will go very deep inside. To remove, sit in a squatting position and allow them to slowly glide down and out, using a finger to encourage their removal.

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